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Weatherproofing RF Antenna Connectors and Enclosure Connections

Step 1. Connecting Cable Assembly to Antenna/Enclosure

Attach RF cable assembly to antenna/enclosure by fastening the N-type male connector to the N-type female connector. Ensure both connectors are clean and dry. Hand-tighten firmly.

RF Connection ComponentsConnectors fastened and ready for application of rubber (butyl) tape sealant

Step 2. Sealing the Connector Assembly

Tightly wrap the connectors with 2 layers of rubber tape (butyl). Notes: Rubber tape should seal entire connection and extend 1 inch beyond antenna connector/cable assembly. Coax-seal (rubber tape) works very well in this application.

RF Connection with Rubber tape applied

Step 3. Covering Rubber Tape with Electrical Tape

Tightly wrap the rubber tape with 2 layers of electrical tape. Electrical tape should extend 1 inch beyond rubber tape to ensure full coverage.

Connector with electrical tape covering rubber tape seal
Congratulations. Your RF connections should now stay clean and dry for many years.

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