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Use the calculator below to make sure you have "Radio Line of Sight" between 2 locations. You can use this calculator to estimate the height of your antennas as well.  If you can see the site at the other end, you have good "line of sight". However, you'll need a some clear space (the fresnel zone) around the visual line of sight of the AI108 link to run consistently with excellent throughput. This calculator takes both fresnel zone and the earth's curvature into consideration. You can also check distance and estimated throughput by clicking here. Use the "Tab" key to move between fields and update values. Pressing "enter" will refresh (clear) the page. Internet Explorer Recommended for this VB Script application.

1. Enter the distance between 2 locations (in miles)


2. Select AIRAYA channel band to be used in this installation.

3.  Review required clearance(in ft.) - This is the minimum antenna height above obstacles required at the mid-point of a link to successfully setup and maintain a high-quality WirelessGRID link.


 =  meters
Both fresnel zone and the bulge of the earth are calculated in this result.
4. Buildings, trees, hills, and other obstacles along the path may obstruct the Radio Line of Sight. Enter the three most significant obstructions and their distances from the mid-point of your link below to calculate the minimum clearance required and estimated antenna height at each end. After entering obstructions, an estimate of antenna heights will be presented below.
1 - Enter height of tallest obstructions (ft.)
2 - Distance from either end of the link to middle of link (1/2 the link distance).
3 - Height of antennas required to keep clear "Radio Line of Sight". 
Obstruction 2 - height (ft.)
Distance from one end to middle of link
Obstruction 3 - height (ft.)
Distance from one end to middle of link
Estimated antenna height above ground level taking the above obstructions into consideration (Ft) - Site A
Estimated antenna height above ground level taking the above obstructions into consideration(Ft) - Site B
Review products now - Tip: make sure you select an AI108 link that has long enough cables to cover antenna height and cable passage into your building.  
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