300 Mbps Outdoor Wireless Bridge. 4.9 GHz to 5.8 GHz Fixed and Mobile Wireless Outdoor Bridges for voice, data and video distribution. Proven, reliable and fast outdoor wireless video solutions for ITS, transportation, and Surveillance Applications. Have a Question? Ask an Expert
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Customer Success Stories

Farmington Fire Utilizes AIRAYA WirelessGRID network to provide multipoint infrastructure for connectivity to remote sites throughout the community.
Farmington Fire Connects Public Safety Fire Stations with 4.9 Ghz Wireless Network

City of Nacogdoches uses WirelessGRID to improve city services and intra-site communications between agencies.
City of Nacogdoches Enhances Public Services with AIRAYA Wireless Network

City of Indianapolis, Indiana uses mobile WirelessGRID network to enhance security and surveillance on entire mobile transportation system.
Indianapolis Enhances Public Transport Safety with AIRAYA/Safetyvision Mobile Wireless Video Network
Customer Success Stories

Orlando Utilities Commision Secures Perimeter with Outdoor Wireless Video System

Penang, Malaysia uses WirelessGRID Wireless Video network for police force multiplier, allowing local police to monitor city and deploy public safety resources to troublespots more quickly.
Penang, Malaysia Police Force Utilize Wireless Video Security as Force Multiplier

St Charles Parish, Lousiana uses WirelessGRID Multipoint Wireless network to improve communications in Post Katrina era.
St Charles Parish, Lousiana deploys WirelessGRID Multipoint Wireless Network between public safety locations
Success Stories & Application Notes

Singapore Police Roll out Outdoor Wireless Video Network to secure facilities for Internationation Monetary Fund Board of Governors Conference
Singapore Police rollout AIRAYA Outdoor Wireless Video Network for IMF Governors Conference

Solis Energy Application Note for Solar Installation of Outdoor WirelessGRID Wireless networks.
Solar Powered WirelessGRID Networks Powered by Solis Energy

AIRAYA Outdoor WirelessGRID Wireless networks are used in thousands of networks worldwide for government, public safety, enterprise, and service provider applications including wireless video, wireless voice and wireless data.
AIRAYA Outdoor Wireless Video Whitepaper
Axis Outdoor Wireless Video Example

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